About LANACare

LANACare was created by a Danish nurse, Jeannette Almstrøm, in 1990 in Denmark. Being a mother of 3 children herself, Jeannette Almstrøm developed a range of products for mothers and babies in organic pure merino wool. Being a nurse and having a professional background in textile & design, this was a perfect combination of her skills.  Each item is designed to promote health & well-being of the nursing mother and the baby, to provide the soothing comfort & breathable warmth that only pure wool can give.

Over the years LANACare production and distribution spread widely. Today it is a very well-known brand, with products being sold and in 30 countries around the world.

After 20 years of  developing and working with products intended to provide optimal care of the breast during the breastfeeding period, Jeannette Almstrøm is now moving on to the large number of women who have undergone breast surgery, either cosmetic or medical.  In cooperation with breast surgeons, Dr.Georg Panczel,  and Dr. Jaume Masia, LANACare has developed two separate styles pads which provide optimal conditions for comfort and healing during the post-operative phase and beyond.